2018 Academia Year In Review


2018 was an inspiring year for all of us at Academia. It meant more than the remarkable examination results achieved by many.

Some of you texted us immediately when you got your stellar results (literally, stellar 🤩), letting us know you were on your way to the school of your choice. Some of you had to return to church camp or fly off for your holidays the next day, but still reached back to share your good news with us.

As always, we are heartened by the remarkable (but not surprising) statistics of A* and A grades achieved. The data and achievements were no different from the historical trends in 2017 and 2016. As with previous batches, many of you finally achieved an A* or A after an entire year of hovering below your aims. However, what cheers us the most is that we saw you working hard to achieve your goals - and succeeding.

Overall, many of our Primary students achieved their personal best this year. Several of you topped your entire cohort and won awards - you and your peers know who you are. Your writing skills also improved to the point where some of you achieved full marks or near-full marks for the Composition component, while others improved in their overall meticulousness and care in Paper 2 to achieve similarly top results. Others improved by leaps and bounds, even improving your overall scores by more than 10 marks on SA1.

For those of you who managed significant personal achievements on this scale, we have awarded you our Academia Award Badges as a mark of your hard work and focus this year. You can don it with pride.

We are thankful that we got to share this learning journey with you and wish you all the best on the next stage of life. Remember that learning is a marathon, not a sprint!

To cap off a successful 2018, Sherman reflects on the wonderful relationships he's formed with our parents and students.


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