5 Reasons Why Our Economics Programme Is the Best

If you are a Junior College student taking Economics at the GCE A Levels and International Baccalaureate in Singapore, we’re here to tell you that our Economics programme is simply the best. An exciting collaboration between Academia and Adam Smith Center, we’ve designed this programme to deliver your A grade and prepare you to become a future business leader.

We know there are a plethora of Economics tutors and enrichment centres in Singapore. But this is why we are different. 

①  A programme designed by Singapore’s leading millennial economist

Your teacher, Bryan Cheang, has more than 9 years of experience preparing students for the A Levels and IB, with excellent feedback from parents and students. He has taught in a one-to-one setting, to groups, and even for corporate groups. His students have been awarded scholarships and gained admission to top economics and business programmes in Singapore and overseas. 

Many teachers are only able to convey second-hand knowledge about economic policies. Bryan has first-hand, insider experience with an economic agency in the Singapore civil service. This gives him a unique ability to share about economic policies in Singapore, necessary for students to obtain the highest grade – “L3” answers. 

Don’t worry about economics concepts being too complex. Bryan has a Masters in Politics & Economics from King’s College London and was the Best Student in his cohort at the National University of Singapore. Currently completing his PhD, he has a strong grasp of a range of economic ideas, and most importantly, how to communicate them in a compelling manner. In fact, he is the author of two economics-based books which students in our programme can read! He has authored many commentaries on the Straits Times, Today Online and Business Times, and has been interviewed on TV by Channel NewsAsia. 

② Insider access to the global resources of the Adam Smith Center

Bryan is also the Founder of the Adam Smith Center, a non-profit organisation in Singapore dedicated to promoting economic and public policy knowledge. Through public events, workshops and talks, the Adam Smith Center has featured top academics & government officials to discuss major issues of concern, ranging from innovation to social justice, to environmental conservation. 

Students in our programme will therefore have access to the ‎360° learning opportunities courtesy of the Adam Smith Center. Not only will you get to meet important public figures, but if you want, you can also seize the opportunity to attend events that enhance your understanding of Economics, such as overseas workshops in the USA, UK and Australia.

Past events organised by the Adam Smith Center hosted top Singaporean government officials who shared their insights, such as Member of Parliament Mr Vikram Nair.
Our students get to interact with top academics like Prof. Chandran Kukathas, the Dean of the School of Social Sciences at SMU, formerly from the London School of Economics, and now an Advisory Board member of the Adam Smith Center.

③ A programme to start enhancing your business experience portfolio and resume 

Given the competitive business and higher education landscape, you will need differentiate yourself through grades, and also with a portfolio that reflects all the relevant business and economics experience you have gained. This is why the holistic exposure we offer our students is especially important. Business leaders of the future know they need to understand economic trends, the impact of policies on the bottom-line, and how to distinguish themselves entrepreneurially. We will help you build that portfolio because we have all the right connections.  

④ Curriculum that brings a world-class approach to the A Levels and beyond

The reason why our program is this robust is also because of what’s powering it. The curriculum we create, and resources we give our students, is quite frankly world-class. We’re inspired by the slides and presentations created by top management consultants and business schools. Similarly, our team of designers take complex economic ideas and visually illustrate the concepts, bringing life to what you learn. Moreover, we achieve a global outlook in our curriculum because we harness resources from global organisations that the Adam Smith Center closely partners with:

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), one of the world’s largest non-profit organisations providing engaging economics resources, including online content, student workshops and free publications. Through our close affiliation with FEE, students on our program have an unparalleled opportunity to even get their articles published.

Marginal Revolution University (MRU), which is the world’s largest online library of free economics education videos, and was founded by George Mason University economics professors Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok.

⑤ University admissions and scholarship application guidance from experts

College admissions experts have talked about the importance of preparing a strong application package for university, including the extraordinary value of a recommendation letter. 

We are here to help you when you apply to university. After all, you want to get your A grade for Economics so you can get into the university programme of your choice. Having been affiliated with universities in Singapore, the UK and the USA, Bryan is best-placed to advise students interested in studying subjects like Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). Even better, the Adam Smith Center’s academic advisory board and global connections with educational institutions allow us to provide our students with a compelling reference letter to strengthen their application package. 

We invite you to email us at learn@academia.com.sg or call or message us at 97773532 if you are interested in the programme.

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