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Bryan Cheang earned his Masters in Political Economy at King’s College London where he now completes his PhD research. He researches into the political economy of development and applied economic policy. He is a graduate of National University of Singapore and an ex-civil servant in the Singapore government, working on human capital policies to improve small businesses. He brings this wealth of knowledge on economics and public policy into his interactions with students. His 9 years of experience with pre-university students have seen many of them not only gain admission into the courses of their choice, but find a newfound interest in economics and the social sciences. 

Bryan is passionate about helping youths achieve their fullest potential. He has coached debaters to be more effective in their communication, advised undergraduate students on academic writing, tutored and mentored high school students and other colleagues in economics. More generally, he has always had an interest in guiding their future career aspirations.


Economics. Designed for future business leaders. Academia x Adam Smith Center.

We are delighted to announce the soft-launch of a world-class program that combines Academia’s focus on writing well with the Adam Smith Center’s passion for economics and public policy education.

We designed this brand-new economics program for a new generation of future business leaders looking to acquire a deep knowledge of economics. Beyond the academic aims, we will help you to apply this knowledge to your future careers and put your insights into practice. In essence, we’ll open up a wealth of golden opportunities for you to learn economics and apply its insights to your personal and career growth, in a globalised world where economic expertise is paramount. 

Our program is supported by the world’s leading economics education platforms. 

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) is one of the world’s largest non-profit organisations providing engaging economics resources, including online content, student workshops and free publications. Through our close affiliation with FEE, students on our program have an unparalleled opportunity to get their articles published and attend overseas conferences. 

Marginal Revolution University (MRU) is the world’s largest online library of free economics education videos, and was founded by George Mason University economics professors Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok.

① Weekly Tutorial Lessons

Economics is sometimes described as the “dismal science”. We disagree with this characterisation! Besides equipping students with the necessary content knowledge and exam skills in anticipation of their final exams, our program has been carefully crafted to bring the subject of Economics to life.

We are pleased to be offering weekly tutorials for Junior College students, for the H1 and H2 curricula. Furthermore, we welcome students taking the Economics program under the International Baccalaureate (IB). Our classes will provide you with relevant contextual knowledge, real-world applications, and mental frameworks to evaluate government economic policies - to develop your expertise in an academic setting and beyond.

② Special H3 Classes and Workshops

Students with a passion and talent for Economics take the GCE H3 (9809) A-Level Paper or the IB Higher Level paper. This requires not only a strong grasp of existing concepts, but also higher-order skills that require the student to evaluate competing schools of thought with reference to global economic issues. 

Our partnerships with well-established overseas economics education organisations, including the Foundation for Economic Education and Marginal Revolution University, give our students the depth and insight necessary to become true experts in their economic analyses. It’s all part of our 360° Learning Experience.

③ Pre-University Advising

Doing well in the A-Levels does not guarantee a secure place in the university or course of your choice. You will also need a strong portfolio that functions as a testament to your academic interests, passion and competence. Students interested in pursuing Economics or related fields will benefit from our advising on developing a compelling world-class admissions portfolio in preparation for any university.

Owing to our strong in-house links with overseas organisations, we help our students publish their economics essays as commentaries on reputable platforms. As part of our 360° Learning Experience, we also give students a taste of tertiary learning through specially curated workshops, house-organised meetups with university academics and industry professionals. 


Bryan has been a great tutor and mentor to me both in and out of lessons. Bryan taught me Economics during my 2 years in Raffles Institution (Junior College). During lessons, he uses engaging real-life case studies to exemplify his points and support his classes. He also corroborates his materials with studies from external professional organisations for writing stronger essays. He is patient in teaching and is very flexible and accommodating. He also goes out of his way to aid and encourage me especially during stressful periods such as those nearing exams. He has taught me valuable life lessons such as succeeding through deliberate practice and many other skills which will definitely be useful in my future endeavors. Overall, it has been a pleasant journey with him. Thanks Bryan.

Darren Seow, Raffles Institution (2018), Recipient of NUS Business School Scholarship 

Mr Bryan was my Economics tutor throughout my journey of A levels from the year 2017-2018. Without a doubt, Mr Bryan was one of the outstandingly conscientious teachers I have ever met. His attention to detail along with the everlasting patience he had with me was definitely one of the defining factors that drove me on to complete my A level journey. That being said, I believe that Mr Bryan has consistently and continuously given his all for every lesson, ensuring that I had always strived for the best I could become. Not to forget the IMAGINE Conference he hosted just last year, that was simply awe-inspiring where he and the other speakers shed light on the many different economic concepts and perspectives. This actually displays his brilliant attitude to lifelong learning and it should act as a “virus” to others around him. In short, this write-up is an appreciation of him for constantly giving his best in the things that he does. Thank you Mr Bryan, you were and will always be a brilliant tutor.

Lloyd Koh, Pioneer Junior College (2018), Gained admission into NUS Accountancy 

Bryan was my tutor for H2 Economics and H1 General Paper in 2016. Being a foreign student from Korea, I had initially struggled with these subjects due to the language requirements. But Bryan’s patience and his passion for the subjects gave me the confidence to improve myself. Not only did I do well for my exams, with Bryan’s advice, I also managed to gain admission into the Economics program at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Koh Jun Ho, Meridian Junior College (2016), Gained admission into University of Edinburgh Economics program.


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