The DSA Dream Team

This is the DSA Dream Team.

When preparing your child for the Direct Schools Admissions (DSA), you want people who have been through the system and know exactly what the panels are looking for. We are proud to offer you the chance to tap on the expertise of a dream team comprised of these best-in-class educators.

Through this intensive workshop, students will learn to communicate and showcase talent, character and aptitude without coming across as arrogant. They will develop a keen awareness of the right body language and appropriate responses to interview questions. They will also have crafted a personal statement that they can use to apply to various DSA schemes. Finally, we will provide exposure to GAT questions so your child does not go in blind.

At the end of the workshop, we’ll provide recorded videos of mock interviews so that you and your child can continue to work on self-awareness and interview confidence. In short, we will provide a complete 360° preparation for the DSA.

Our past students in the programme have gone on to selective IP schools including, but not limited to RI, RGS, NYGH, HCI, SOTA, NUS High, and CHIJ.

We will also be inviting a parent to give a breakout session talk on how her son managed to get through the SOTA application process. If you are applying to SOTA, this is an exceptional opportunity to hear about the rigorous process!

This is the course outline we’ve planned so far.

1 The personal statement

+ How to plan and write to your strength

2 Body language and image

+ How to create that strong first impression

+ What your body language tells your interviewers

+ Unconscious signals that leave a negative impression

3 Secrets of the interview, both individual and panel

+ How to answer the questions eloquently

+ How to list your accomplishments without bragging

+ What to do if you get an unexpected question

+ What the interviewers are really looking out for

4 Demonstrating leadership

+ How to position yourself as a valuable member of a learning community

+ The leadership traits schools are looking for

5 A 360° preparation for the DSA

+ Professional coaching by a team of experts

+ Intensive hands-on class participation

+ Personal video recordings for you to achieve self-awareness

+ GAT exposure

+ The Academic Guide to DSA Preparation

+ Break-out session with an informal talk about the SOTA application process by a parent (6 June only)

6 A folder of proprietary materials including these four mini-guidebooks.

+ Guidebook A: Applying to the DSA – Processes and Requirements

+ Guidebook B: Essentials of Public Speaking and Body Language Skills

+ Guidebook C: Interview Skills and Common Interview Questions

+ Guidebook D: GAT Sample Materials

Here are the credentials of our trainers – we believe they speak for themselves. And when preparing for the DSA process, it’s a guarantee that their students can speak for themselves. Loud, clear and confident.

Mr Sherman Tseng is a former Vice-Principal and English HOD. He began running DSA training programmes after being approached by various parents and uses his insider expertise to help students build confidence under pressure. His approach to the DSA is to provide ample hands-on exercises and coaching sessions to ensure a slick, smooth delivery that is also sincere and heartfelt.

Mr Low Kim Heng is the former President of the Toastmasters Club of Singapore, the largest club dedicated to the art of public speaking and leadership. He has also been an adjudicator and trainer for various varsities in the region, including Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. With close to a decade of experience helping children and adults improve their speaking skills, he has developed our in-house guide to interview skills for the DSA process.

We will be holding 2 sessions during the June holidays.

Session 1

Monday 5 – Thursday 8 June 2017

10 am – 12 pm

Session 2

Monday 12 – Thursday 15 June 2017

10 am – 12 pm

Most suitable for Primary 5 – 6 students

Please email us at if you would like to register your interest or find out more. You can also SMS or WhatsApp our Front Desk at 97773532.

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